The loveliest day of the year!

It's coming again! That time of the year where roses bloom and love blossoms as the meadows look to the skies for answers on what in the world they should get their partner this chilly valentines. Well not to worry because I'm here to help you get the best present for your other half!

The perfect gift for ageing and dryness

With all the cold air this winter season, everyone has been suffering from dry and cracked skin, so what better way to help out then giving the gift of an essential kit, put together by AlumierMD to specifically combat dry skin. With 5 superb products put into one simple and easy to use kit, you can give your partner back the hydrated and protected feel in no time and go back to enjoying date nights without having to worry about calling it early from fears of drying out. A wonderful gift for those with partners looking to rejuvenate their face and recapture some of that youthful vigour they had in days past is Obagi’s very own nu-derm kit. A masterful set of products that can utterly transform your partner's skin into a younger and healthier version. 

With 7 different products, obagi nu-derm is a rather large kit that can help with so many skin concerns from ageing to pigmentation making it perfect for those looking for help with several issues at once. It can seem like it has a big price tag but it is most definitely worth it for the sort of results you can get from it. 

An easy intro to skincare

If these both seem a bit too advanced for your other half or maybe they're not as into skincare as you and you want to introduce them to it, then the Obagi360 system is perfect for them! Made to be an easy to use kit for those new to keeping their skin healthy and alive. With only 3 specially picked products, anyone who's just starting out will have an easy time trying to get the basics without feeling overrun by different toners, serums and creams. These 3 products include a Hydrafactor SPF 30 for all around sun protection and hydration, a simple exfoliator made to help unclog pores and reveal a softer, smoother complexion and lastly a 0.5% retinol for clearing up fine lines and wrinkles with ease.


Another small duo you can add to this would be the gentle cleanser and toner duo from Obagi. Both are a great addition to any skincare routine, new or old. As they are formulated for sensitive skin types they are perfect for anyone trying to take steps further into the skincare ocean. The cleanser works to hydrate and balance out dry, itchy skin whilst also helping to remove any dirt, makeup and other impurities that might have gathered over the day. Meanwhile the toner helps to balance the pH, tighten and reduce the pores on your skin and help your skin prepare for deeper penetration of the other products in their skincare routine.

Other great skincare products for valentine’s day

If you're planning on bringing that special someone out to the park for a picnic, then you're going to want to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays that bring lots of ageing and sunburn with it, even in the colder months. For this very reason it's a great time to get them some powerful sunscreen such as Obagi’s tinted sunscreen warm or cool spf 50. Gifting complete protection against the sun's harmful rays, UVA and UVB, this sunscreen is made to match their undertone giving them a much broader range of protection that other sunscreens can’t achieve. 
For those with Yellow, golden or olive undertones, a darker complexion or forearm veins which appear green in natural sunlight, we recommend Warm tone whilst those with a bluish, red or pink undertone, fair skin or veins that are more blue instead, we recommend Cool tone.


The last product I'd like to recommend is the La Roche-Posay Sensitive Skin Make-Up Remover Milk. After a long date night out at the restaurant you first met, your partner is going to need something to clean themselves up without damaging their skin with even more alcohol than what they drank, which luckily, this makeup remover boasts. Completely alcohol free and formulated for those with sensitive skin, la roche-posay’s very own make-up remover is able to delicately remove any impurities and left over make-up from a special night out, keeping their skin clean and protected.

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